Cultural Experiences

As future leaders, we continually strive to build stronger ties with our communities and the individuals within them. It is through this understanding that we grow and develop broader worldviews that will shape and support our lives. We celebrate our history through traditions that honor the past while serving the future.  Activities of our Chapter include:

Through our service, our annual events, and our program’s Six-Year Plan, National Charity League, Inc. Orange/Villa Park Chapter promotes cultural values and traditions that help shape our members and strengthen our commitment to the community.

  • Traditions – We celebrate the richness of our history through traditions, such as our Chapter Tea, which honors the past while serving the future.
  • Values – We embrace values that make us strong as an organization of mother-daughter leaders who are dedicated to serve the community.
  • Community Connections – As mothers and daughters, we build connections through experiences that shape and support our lives.

Some of the cultural experiences in which our Orange/Villa Park Chapter engages include:

  • Musical – 7th Grade
  • Theatre – 8th Grade
  • Symphony – 9th Grade
  • Museums/Gardens – 10th Grade
  • Art – 11th Grade
  • Dance – 12th Grade

Mother-Daughter Tea

One of our most cherished traditions is our annual chapter-wide, Mother-Daughter Tea held in the spring. Our Chapter prides itself on the fact that the daughters help in all aspects of planning the Tea. The involvement of our daughters is designed to teach them how to plan an event from beginning to end. They assist with invitations, food preparation, flower arrangements, proper setting of tables and event serving. The Tea is also embedded with many traditions such as a “formal” handwritten response and a receiving line. We celebrate our Senior daughters with a “Tea Cup Presentation” to honor their six year service to our Chapter. We also celebrate all of our members’ philanthropic efforts and accomplishments throughout the year with an awards ceremony.

Tea 2016

Fashion Show

Our Chapter Fashion Show is an annual event that raises funds for our approved Chapter philanthropies. It is hosted by our 11th grade class and the daughters are the featured models. All proceeds from the event are distributed based on our philanthropies needs in the community and then decided by the 11th grade daughters, who then personally deliver the checks to the philanthropies. The Fashion Show is one of our most fun-filled and memorable events of the year!

2017 Fashion Show Supporting Our Chapter Philanthropies

Senior Recognition

The six year Mother-Daughter experience culminates in a ceremony for the 12th graders called Senior Recognition. Senior Recognition is a formal dinner/dance, celebrating the successful completion of the Senior daughters’ Six-Year Plan which emphasizes social and cultural training; leadership development; and the commitment of many philanthropic hours to the community. Orange/Villa Park Chapter hosts our Senior Recognition each year in the spring; this event has come to signify the daughters’ entrance into the adult world, celebrates her accomplishments and service in National Charity League, Inc.

Serving a Diverse Population

We believe that by serving a diverse population, we are cultivating in our members an understanding and appreciation of others and a development of broader world views that can shape and support their lives. Our philanthropy work in the community reaches out to various ethnic groups, religious groups, age groups, various socioeconomic backgrounds, and geographical areas. This approach enriches our members’ cultural experiences. 


Ticktockers present the Blind Children’s Learning Center a donation, proceeds of the Annual Fashion Show.